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Wireless Online

e-Smart Ultra series is representative of a wireless online solution.
With the help of the powerful database based lock operation software (e-Smart Ultra Plus+), you can monitor and control locks remotely in real-time. The solution provides you full lock control and increases the efficiency of your facility administration.

e-Smart Ultra Plus+ offers a powerful database management and convenient central control functions such as:

All functions in e-Smart Classic Plus+
Powerful database management
Real-time monitoring
Remote lock open/close, block/unblock
Online user information change
Online audit trail and lock info check
Online maintenance
Connect multi-client software
Customize monitoring layout
3rd party interface
Wireless online locks are connected via ZigBee, a transmission type which is more efficient than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and designed specifically to co-exist with various technologies and provide more integration flexibility.
This solution also ensures automatic switching to offline regime and standalone functionality in case of server malfunction owing to its fault-tolerance which guarantees your confidence and total system protection.

Remote Control Operation

Remote open/close

Open or close a single lock or whole locks remotely via e-Smart Ultra Plus+.
After sending command to locks, just wake them up to open or close.

Remote lock/card blocking

Block lock or card remotely to prevent access to assigned lock by users who are not allowed.
Blocked lock does not accept any User card or PIN code except Master card.
Blocked card cannot operate any lock until it is unblocked.

Remote user change

Change user card information saved on designated lock by E-smart ultra Plus+ in order to make people change their assigned locks quickly and simply.

Time Based Operation

Time Limit Operation

A lock will be open/lock up automatically at a certain time. You can also set a lock time limit on the user card that after the limited hours, the lock will be open/lock up automatically and only the master card can open the certain lock.

Auto Opening

wireless online locking system

Lock Time limit

wireless online locking system

3 Shift

A lock will be opened/locked up automatically at a certain time. You can set three different times a day and select the day of the week or ‘ALL’ for every day.
This function is available on Free Selection mode by Setup Card.
wireless online locking system
Time-1 07:00 06:00 06:00 06:00 06:00 06:00 07:00
Time-2 15:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 15:00
Time-3 23:00 22:00 22:00 22:00 22:00 22:00 23:00

Various Operation Mode

Free Selection mode (Shared use)

User can select any empty locker to use as they wish
Programmable to make LED lamp blinking to represent locker is in use (In use lamp)
Programmable to use multiple lockers (up to 5) with one user card (Multi-lock)
Programmable for Time based operation

Assigned Mode

Pre-Assigned Mode

Assigned mode (Permanent Use)

Use can only use a certain assigned locker
User card can be assigned to a lock in advance
User can select any empty locker at first to assigned the User card to the lock
Programmable to use multiple lockers (up to 5) with one User card. (Multi-lock)
Programmable to use multiple User cards (up to 8) to one locker (Multi-user)

Assigned Mode

Pre-Assigned Mode

Multi User (Up to 8, Assigned mode only)

Smart Assign mode

User can select any empty locker and the user is assigned to the chosen locker.
Without the help of administrator, user can freely change the assigned locker to any empty locker.
Programmable to make LED lamp blinked to represent locker in use.
Programmable to set specific time to release the assigned locker to empty locker after the changing the locker.

Wireless Online

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