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For Distributor

e-Smart LMS (Lock Management Software)

e-Smart LMS is a comprehensive software enabling you to generate Key Card and System Cards for your customers. Setup Card containing lock setting options and Master Card information can be issued for easy lock setting.

Generate security key card for customers
Generate system cards
Issue Setup Card and set lock operation mode
Make blank cards

For Customer

e-Smart Classic LOS (For Offline Lock) e-Smart Ultra Plus+ (For Online Lock)
Standalone Offline Wireless Online
e-Smart Classic LOS is an efficient and useful lock operation software for offline locks.
It is specialized for issuing user cards and maintaining locks, especially checking audit trail and lock info by card to correct lock issues.
e-Smart Ultra Plus+ is the most powerful and well-organized lock operation software for online locks.
Based on database engine and fast communication, all locks can be set up, open/close, blocked remotely.
It also enables you to use customized monitoring layouts.
Account management
User Card Issuance
Issued card information check
Audit trail and lock info check by card
Lock maintenance by card
Generating report
All functions in e-Smart Classic LOS
Powerful database management
Real-time monitoring
Remote lock open/close, block/unblock
Online user information change
Online audit trail and lock info check
Online maintenance
Connect multi-client software
Customize monitoring layout
3rd party interface

e-Smart LCS (Layout Configuration Software)

e-Smart LCS is a unique layout design software which enables you to monitor all locks as they would be in actual location.

Design locker layout as you wish
Select preferable locker design among templates
Locate each locker lock on the layout drawing
Use real layout drawing
Easy to check and manage locks

How to program the lock

Lock programming by card

Lock programming by mobile

1-2 System Components & Software products


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