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About Us

We take pride in growing into the global leader in manufacturing and providing advanced locking technologies,
including standalone, wireless online and smartphone based RFID locker locks locking solutions.

  • 2021Launched Furniture locks
    Launched Slim locks
  • 2020Released Cloud base MIS admin app
  • 2019Release the 3rd generation of locker lock, wireless online metal locker lock and cloud mobile key solution
  • 2018Released the 2nd generation of new lock management software ‘e-Smart Plus+’
  • 2017Developed the world’s first exclusive technology of synchronization between RF cards and smartphone
    Released BLE mobile access locker lock
  • 2015Released the 2nd generation of intelligent RFID locker lock solution
    Developed HID locker locks
  • 2014Launched advanced RFID locker locks
    with IoT security solution
  • 2012Launched the world’s first wireless online RFID locker locks
  • 2011Launched RFID furniture locks
  • 2010Launched hotel RFID safes
  • 2009Launched the 1st generation of
    intelligent RFID locker lock solution
  • 2008Designated as export promising enterprise
  • 2007Founded R&D center and certificated as a venture
    and innovative business enterprise
    Registered a factory
  • 2006Developed the world’s first HF RFID locker locks
  • 2005Developed RFID modules
    Certificated ISO 9001
  • 2004Developed access control system
  • 2003Established ‘PASSTECH Co., Ltd.’