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About Us

For almost 20 years since established in 2003, Passtech has been dedicated to develop and provide an innovative electronic locking systems for our customers. Launching the world 1st HF RFID locker locks in 2005 and world 1st wireless online locker lock system in 2013 and our 1st mobile access locker lock system in 2020, we are proud of leading a future advanced electronic locking system in the world.

Technology Leadership

Passtech continues to develop an innovative future locker lock solutions in design and technology including standalone locks, wireless online & cloud based mobile access locks.

Customer service

Passtech listens to our customers’ voices and provides a tailor-made customer services such as hardware & software customization services to fulfill customer requirements

Global Partnership

We are proud to work with our global partners who are brand furniture manufacturers, lock distribution channels & dealers and access solution providers.
We are always opened to be your partners.

Quality Commitment

We are committed to seamlessly improving the quality of products & quality processes to make more reliable products and eventually ensure customer satisfaction.