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Technology & Solutions

Flexible RFID Standalone Offline Lock System


Standalone Offline

User friendly locking solution in standalone regime which provides you flexible lock programming and easy management by one card.


Wireless Online

Convenient and efficient online locking solution which enables you to have full lock control and powerful database management.


Smart Office

Suitable locking solution for flexible corporate workspace environment.
Interface with shared office server to manage user access privilege on locks.


Mobile Access

Smart generation of locking solution with innovative BLE mobile access technology.
Enhanced security algorithm enables you to access to locks safer.


Smart Code

Time-sensitive 6-10 digit PIN code generated via the Cloud server. Access to e-Smart locks anywhere in the world.


CSN (Chip Serial Number) Mode

The fastest locking solution which allows you to use your own card containing a RF chip without user card issuance and writing data on the card.


Wired Power solution

The most reliable locker lock power solution that gives you lots of advantages. With the full range of Wired power solution, enjoy our advanced locking system.



Now offering Kiosk solution that allows you to use in the retail market or the mail delivery box……


Master/Slave Lock

Without connecting all the locks with the cables, you can simply connect the slave locks to one master lock and control over those slave locks from it.