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Smart Code (Time Sensitive Code)

Standalone Offline Lock Solution

Experience convenient access to your property by PIN generated via the Cloud anywhere in the world
e-Smart Smart Code is a secure, convenient and instant way of mobile access to e-Smart lock.
Time-sensitive 6-10 digit code is generated via e-Smart Cloud Server, and access to a specific locker lock or door lock which is granted through the internet from anytime anywhere in the world.
All the locks are operating completely offline without the risk of malfunction.
Users can use their access codes only for a specific time period, and access privilege will be automatically expired when the granted time period is over.
Experience convenient access to your property by PIN generated via the Cloud.

Convenience of Smart Code for Group of Users

  • Receive smart code (6 – 10 digits)

  • Only for first time, use the 6-10 digits smart code on the lock

  • Use only the last 4 digits of the smart code to access the lock

Suitable for group of users or multiple customers who uses same lock
No User card needed – cost save

e-Smart Smart Code provides you the best benefit for locking solution ever

Mobile devices and our lives are inextricably linked and now you can even worldwide operate the locking solution of Passtech with e-Smart Smart Code. Experience a more efficient and convenient locking environment with the following benefits.

6-10 digit PIN code
Work offline, no network connection needed
Operate a lock anytime, anywhere
No face-to-face meeting for key exchange or delivery
Bypass front desk for registration
No risk of losing keys or cards
Manage all systems from the Cloud
Fast, easy, and secure


Unique user experience
– Access to locks by your own smartphone using mobile key from cloud server
No need to wait for registration
– Easy self registration via Passtech Mobile Access APP
– Bypass front desk without queuing
No more waiting for an administrator to receive a key or a card
– Save time for receiving a key or a card from an administrator
– The risk of losing a key or a card also decrease
No time restrictions
– Access to a lock anytime anywhere in the world
Multiple access credentials
– Not only RFID card and PIN code, but also smartphone can be used


Improve customer royalty
– Increase client membership and revenue through unique user experience
Better operational efficiency
– No rush at the front desk for registration
– Operational cost saving
No more waiting for users to deliver keys or cards
– No need to be at your property every time to deliver keys or cards
– The risk of losing a key or a card also decrease
Manage locks and access privilege at the cloud
– Audit trail, Emergency opening, user information, etc. can be managed
Guest arrival notification (Online optional)
Check the arrival of your guest in real-time

How it works

Flexible RFID Standalone Offline Lock System

Dual Access Key System

6-10 digit PIN code by e-mail or SMS

Enhanced Security Risks

Time-sensitive PIN codes become invalid after the specified time period
Blocking code available when locks are not in use for a long time
Reactivation code required after successive wrong PIN entry (10 times)

Easy Management from the Cloud

Audit trail by smartphone mobile APP
Time of event (MM/DD/YYYY, HH:MM)
Manage types of access code and privilege : Guest code, Group code, Staff code, One-time code, Master code
Real-time access event monitoring (Online optional)

Smart Code (Time Sensitive Code)

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