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e-Smart Mobile ID

e-Smart Mobile ID enables you to choose and operate any empty lock as you wish in Free Selection mode without any RFID card or other credentials.
The enhanced security algorithm provides more advanced and efficient approach towards managing the locks at various kinds of venues, such as hotels, resorts, fitness centers, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, government entities, etc..
Moreover, e-Smart Mobile ID can be easily programmed to work in Multi-lock function which enables you to use locks up to 5.

How it works

Download ‘Passtech Mobile Access’ APP and run it

Select any empty locker to occupy


For User

Unique user experience
– Provide convenience by using a smartphone
Easy self registration via mobile app
– Bypass front desk / No waiting in queue
No any other credentials needed
– No carrying RFID card

For Facility Administration

Better operational efficiency
– No rush for registration
In front desk / operational cost saving
– Improve customer satisfaction
Increased customer loyalty
– Increasing of client membership and revenue

App for Management

Lock setting
Firmware download
Audit trail check
Lock information check
User information check
Emergency lock open

App for User

Free mode (CSN), Assigned mode (RFID card Sync)
Lock open
Audit trail check
Lock information check
Valid date check
2-4 Mobile Access

e-Smart Mobile ID

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