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KIOSK Solution

e-Smart Kiosk solution is best suitable for unmanned (Kiosk) system which is for unmanned rental, delivery pick up/drop off, storage, device charging, and so on.

As this solution offers a modular package which allows customers easy and convenient lock installation to use.


Easy to install with the modularized components
Low cost installation (No RFID on each lock set)
Easy to use
Easy to program with mobile phone
Multi operation type: RFID, PIN code, Mobile access


Secure storage
Equipment rental
Smart parcel delivery
Hospital and so on

System Modularized components


Kiosk software
RFID optional

* Touch screen display can be sourced by the customer

RFID wireless online locks


Wireless Access Point
Cover up to 50 locks

Master Pack
(for emergency)

RF locker lock

FX100 (Battery type)
FX200 (Wired Power type)

How it works for office storage

RFID wireless online locks


  • Add user information in server database
    · User name
    · Phone number
    · Email address
    · RFID card CSN


  • Select any empty locker to assign

  • Input phone number for authentication

  • Scan employee card to register

  • Put personal belongings in the locker

  • Scan employee card to open the locker

How it works for parcel delivery

RFID wireless online locks

Drop off (Delivery men)

  • Select ‘Drop off’

  • Select an empty locker

  • Input receiver’s phone number

  • Drop off parcel and close door

  • Auto-SMS sent to receiver (Email optional)

Pick up (User)

  • Receive SMS or email(optional)

  • Select ‘Pick up’

  • Enter one time password

  • Take parcel

  • Close door


KIOSK Solution

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