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Master/Slave Lock Solution

Master/Slave Lock Solution is best suitable for the office furniture or the retail furniture where 1 master lock controls over the several slave locks by wireless.

These locks can be installed on various types of furniture and Slave locks can be easily registered on the Master lock using the mobile app.
This solution is appropriate for retails stores, who need higher security for the field such as stores where sell clocks, watches, and priceless jewelry, or offices, hospitals, schools, and so on.

Flexible RFID Standalone Offline Lock System

FX100/FX200 can be used on

Cabinet doors
Glass doors
Sliding doors
Display cabinets
Wall cabinets
And many more


Register the slave locks to master lock with Mobile app
Simple planning of locking schedules
Easy to install without any wires
Easy to program
Easy to use
Multi operation type : RFID, PIN code, Mobile access
Access authority for multiple users
Multiple slave locks with one master lock
Different locking functions : i.e. Toggle, lock cycle

Application Examples

Standalone Offline Lock Solution


Standalone Offline Lock Solution


Standalone Offline Lock Solution

Hospital and Doctor’s Surgery

Standalone Offline Lock Solution

Education (Teacher’s office)


Master/Slave Lock Solution

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