CSN Solution

CSN Solution

In CSN solution, lock reads only RF chip serial number of cards and responds (locking or unlocking) which means you do not need to issue User cards from LMS (or LOS) to use the lock. Also, lock does not write any data to User cards when you use the cards on locks.
Supporting card types: Mifare / Desfire / Ultralight and more (Lock accepts all ISO 14443 type A card)

CSN Solution

Customize your Monitoring Layout

  • No more tedious rectangles.
  • Your own customized layout of lockers displays on Lock monitoring.
  • Arrange the lockers in New Ultra Client just like a real layout, and manage it more easily and efficiently.
CSN Solution

Online Setup & Maintenance

  • Do you still bring Setup & Maintenance Card and scan them on locks one by one for setting?
  • New Ultra Client sets various functions to all locks at once with one mouse click.
CSN Solution

Remote Card Blocking

  • You can block cards online for your best security.
  • Cards are blocked against being used by people.
CSN Solution

Remote Lock Open & Close

  • If you want to open a specific lock or if you want to make a specific lock stay closed, simply manage it through one single mouse click from Ultra Client software.
CSN Solution

Lock Blocking

  • You can block any lock from Ultra Client. Blocked lock doesn’t accept any User Card unless you unblock it on program.
CSN Solution

Real Time Monitoring

  • Checking your locks in real-time. You can check Battery status, Lock occupancy, Alarm, Lock event history, etc. easily without any delay.
CSN Solution

Online Audit Trail

  • You can collect Audit Trail of each lock without using Audit Trail Cards.
CSN Solution

Time based operation

  • Doors open automatically at programmed time.
  • Set a time limit on user access.
CSN Solution

White list Database

  • You can use any RF card without issuing user card from the program.
  • By inputting the CSN in the database, you can manage and control the users in CSN mode.