About Us

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In 2003, the group of creative enthusiasts who already had decades of expertise in RFID field decided to develop reliable locking solutions that would be affordable for consumers worldwide. That’s how the history of Passtech began. The main idea behind that was a desire to democratize RFID access control, thus, to make it accessible to people. Having registered its own R&D centre and factory, Passtech step on the path of a constant development and innovation.

For many years Passtech team has been driven by a pioneering spirit, aiming to devise brand new solutions to boost and protect the business of our customers. This inspiration helped us to create and patent the world’s first wireless online RFID locking solution in 2013, smartphone based lock that operates on the principles of BLE, and RF card and smartphone full synchronization technology in 2017 along with many others inventions.

Today our main business activities include developing, manufacturing and supplying RFID & Mobile Access locking systems to our partners engaged in leisure, sports and hospitality industry, including fitness centres, swimming pools, resorts, water parks, ski resorts, theme parks, etc. Our products also found its application at educational institutions, hospitals and clinics, public and private entities.

We are proud that our company’s capabilities and reliability of our products have already been proven in in more than various countries all over the world, and we continue to deliver the best access technologies to the world!